What kind of user accounts does  CRM Goals support for login?

Currently supported and tested accounts include all Windows Live ID accounts (e.g. outlook.com, windowslive.com, msn.com etc) as well as Office 365 accounts. Supported Office 365 accounts include both cloud accounts and synchronized Active Directory accounts.

After a successful login, the app returns an empty list of goals even though I have active goals in CRM. What’s the problem?

Most likely you have more than one active CRM instances associated to your Live ID account that you are using for login. Currently CRM Goals does not let user to choose among several CRM Online instances, but instead picks the first one available. In this case, the first instance might not have any active goals.

Can I use my Dynamics CRM on-premises deployment with CRM Goals?

The current free version of CRM Goals support only Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. If you are an enterprise having broader need for the app, please contact us to discuss options.

How often are the live tile goals are updated?

CRM Goals refreshes live tiles every 30 minutes. However, Dynamics CRM Online recalculates goals more infrequently based on the system configuration, which is reflected to the app experience. You can also manually recalculate goals in the CRM UI, after which goals are updated within the next 30 minutes in the app.

I do not have Goal feature in use in my Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment. How can I set it up?

You can get a good overall introduction to goal functionality from a blog post on Visualizing Your Progress with CRM Goals by Jukka Niiranen. A brief hands-on introduction to goals can also be found on Microsoft Dynamics CRM blogs.